Dave & Jilly discuss – Jade Dove.

Back after months of squabbling over which member of Atomic Kitten was faking being thick, Kitsch Dave and jobbing wine critic Jilly Goolden return to discuss more of your tracks. Up for grabs this time are two tracks from the Zen like Jade Dove.

Kitsch Dave – Hello Jilly, boy it’s great to be back, and it’s fabulous to see you again!
Jilly Goolden – Quite. No scouse minxis err minxi umm minxum. Those scouse tarts not with us this time then?
KD – No, just you and I and a selection of music.
JG – (cough) and the Blue Nun?
KD – All present and correct…
JG – Lets ROCK!
KD - First track up is “Taharka”, not to be confused with Tarka the Otter!
JG – That intro sounds familiar…
KD – Yes, it’s erm… (looks to the beaded curtain for inspiration) it’s… It’s the opening music from Letter To Brezhnev! Bloody hell!
JG – Are you sure?
KD – Listen lady, when you’ve seen that film as many times as I have I’ll take YOUR word for it. Bugger. I wanna watch it now!
JG – (emptying her glass) Well you can’t. I’m liking what Jade has done here. The pleasant slow build, the carefree introduction of other elements that come and go like the passing of wine…
KD – You mean time? (sees her empty glass) Ah, I see what you mean! It builds and builds leaving you no idea where it’s going, but you feel compelled to carry on. Just as you feel familiar, you turn another corner and the journey continues in it’s surprise filled way…
JG – By crikey Dave, you’re getting good at this! It’s like a wine tasting evening. You know you will be drinking wine all night, and some may have a familiar taste, but just as you get that cocky feeling that you know what’s coming next the host throws in a new grape variety from an unusual source that throws you off course again. But in a pleasant way.

KD – Well, on that note let’s move on to the oriental dance fest that is “Dance The Silk Road”.
JG – This one positively reeks of the Far East!
KD – Rather wonderful I would say! I’m getting echoes of Tin Drum era Japan, The Yellow Magic Orchestra and bonkers arcade games with characters that do very strange things indeed!
JG – This is quite sexy actually! I love the pounding drums that pull all the other elements together. The oriental stabs, the synthy guitar type thing, the percussion flourishes…
KD – This is my favourite of the two I must say, and I agree with your last comment. Everything just works together. You don’t know where the path is leading, but it doesn’t matter. Where in Taharka you cautiously turned the next corner, you run round these corners like a five year old on Sunny D! This is fabulous and exciting and quite unlike anything I have heard for a long, long time!
JG – Since when exactly?
KD – (glaring at Jilly, who by now is having difficulty sitting upright) since the last time I played “Space Invaders by The Yellow Magic Orchestra” or “Bamboo Houses / Bamboo Music by David Sylvian / Ruitchi Sakamoto”.
JG – (slurring her words) D’yer know Dave, I miss them scouse birds. They were fun. Stupid, but fun. And they were big in Japan as well! Japan’s the Far East ain’t it?
KD – Yes Jilly. Let’s call it a wrap for tonight…

Cue end credits and fade…