More news & rumours December 2006.

It's been a bit of a plodder of a year, but things are starting to pick up.

I've been making a few videos this year, namely Super Vixens! a live performance by Chloe Poems and a commision for the lovely Virginiaflame for her track Love Will Find U. Me being me is never happy with just doing things, I need a name... So say hello to Dolly Boy Films. Next up for Dolly Boy will be some video work for Chloe Poems (again), a video for the lovely Xanthe and (probably) some videos for Virginiaflame when I go visiting her in Australia next year...

On the remix front, I may be doing a remix or two for Nina Silvert who I found on MySpace. Need to be a bit more assertive and find out what's happening with these...

Moving forward in a more possative way is a collaboration with a fabulous singer by the name of heaton. I stumbled upon his tracks on MP3Unsigned, rightly recomended him on my page, and he got in touch. We should be meeting up next week to talk over ideas etc. I'm really excited about this collab and it's put my faith back in making music...

Videos can be watched in the Images section.

Links to Chloe Poems, Virginiaflame, heaton and Nina Silvert in Friends section.

Davey 14/12/06.


A chance encounter with performance poet Chloe Poems has lead to a new EP in the making. The three track EP - lovingly called Rent Boy Rhapsody, will feature the poems The Cocktail Hour, Kinky Boy & No Stranger To Sequins set to music by Plastic Trash. The first mix of The Cocktail Hour can be heard here. More details to follow...

Another encounter, this time with the band Little Buddha, were I missed their gig (grrr) may lead to some Plastic Trash remixes of Little Buddha. More details (again) will follow...

NEW FORUM... 21/01/06
Brand new Message Board / Forum type thing!
NEW ONLINE SHOP... 20/01/06

The first of the brand spanking new features (apart from the Links page) is a fabulous Plastic Trash Online Shop!

Products (at the moment) include Mugs, Bags, a vast array of T-Shirts styles / logos and Dirrty Girrl Plastic Trash Thongs!

Buy your Plastic Trash goodies here!

NEW DOMAIN NAME... 19/01/06

For the new year, I've treated myself to a proper domain name and a decent web-host.

New features to look out for are a new Links page and a nice n shiny message board.

Front page redesigned because I was bored.
NEW LOOK SITE - 07/08/05

Gone are the days of leopard skin backgrounds and dancing go-go girls... But in it's place a brand new site for all things Plastic Trash.

Keep checking back for further updates.