Dave and Jilly Discuss… Xanthe, Youth, The Delivery System and Slippy T!

Kitsch Dave and jobbing wine critic Jilly Goolden return to continue flog the dead horse that is their late night review show… But on a new channel. And to a new audience…

Husky Voice Over Guy: Ladeeeeees and Gentlemen, heeeres your host for the night, Keeeeech Dave and Jilly Gooooooooldennnnnn!

Kitsch Dave – Hello and welcome to the first show in our new series of music review shows. We’ve got a new now and hopefully will be with you on a regular basis. Hello Jilly!

Jilly Goolden – (already opening a bottle of Blue Nun) How many more times do we have to do this? Is the booze still free? (Perks up) Oh, OK. Hello Dave, Who are we listening to this evening?

KD – Well, our old friends Xanthe and The Delivery System, plus two new faces to you – Youth and Slippy T.

JG – I’m bubbling with anticipation! Let’s hear what Ffabbia is up to. Pop him on t’radiogram.

KD – This is an old one, but it is classic TDC. Dark, mysterious… You never know what’s coming round the next corner.

JG – I simply adore the venom in his vocal delivery! It’s almost as if he is spitting the words out as opposed to singing them! It’s just so passionate!

KD – You can hear he has put his heart and soul into his music.

JG – The production is fabulous! The sound is so big! Mmmm.

KD – Bit of a Size Queen are we Jilly?

JG – (shifting nervously) Erm, have you done with the Blue Nun Sweetness?

KD – To be honest, my favourite TDS track was always Two Feet Too Far From Heaven, but I’m really getting into this darker, more guitar orientated stuff. The wall of guitar that kicks in and builds up is just great.

JG – Just great! Still not developed the poetic tongue yet have you?

KD – OK then smarty-pants, you describe it

JG – The guitar washes over you like a crashing wave, the rhythm pounds and pounds and is like sitting on a washing machine on full spin. The words sting in your ears and you just come back for more!

KD – OK, point taken.

Husky Voice Over Guy – You can download the music of The Delivery System at www.mp3unsigned.com and www.soundclick.com/thedeliverysystem .

KD – (laughing) Where the hell did that come from? No one told me we had ad breaks.

JG – Ooo. I’m getting back into this. Who’s next? Who’s this Youth chappy?

KD – Arh! Mr Youth. This is a new vocal version of a track from a few years ago, originally released under the name of Meltdown. A splendid singer by the name of Craig Sofaly has contributed vocals to it and transformed it into something very special indeed.

JG – Oh this is very nice. It’s so chilled and relaxed and sexy!

KD – Sexy? (Opens a bottle of Black Tower)

JG – Those horns are giving me tingles!

KD – Jilly!

JG – Well it’s true. They hit a raw nerve and I come over all-unnecessary!

KD – Erm. On that note… I used to listen to the instrumental endlessly, and I felt it stood up on it’s own. But now I’m in awe of the vocal version. It adds so much to a track that was near damn perfect to start with.

JG – (drinking from the bottle) Can I have this one when we’ve done? It’s just so dreamy!

KD – Ha ha ha. You sound like a schoolgirl with a crush!

JG - It’s this wine, it takes me back.

KD – It’s not like you to be found on your back after a night on the plonk.

JG – (changing the subject) Mmmm mmmm mmmm. I’m getting Miles Davis, the music from the gallery on Take Heart. I’m getting a lonely guy sat in the dark corner of a bar, lonely, reflective, and hoping…

KD – It is coming back to you, or is that the wine talking?

Husky Voice Over Guy – You can download the music of Youth at www.mp3unsigned.com and www.soundclick.com/youth_uk and most good music sites.

KD – He still cracks me up!

JG – Can we listen to Xanthe now?

KD – Sure, this is a competition entry and was written around the theme of Inner City Blues. I think it’s classic Xanthe.

JG – Did she just sing “Repunzel of the city”?

KD – No! Only an eejit would think that! ;-)

JG – You can hear the loneliness in this. This sounds like me when I’m going home on a Saturday night. No-one stops to talk. They just walk push past you lost in their own little worlds…

KD – You mean they step over you. Lying there, plonk in one hand, laddered tights, dress up to your waste! You really must learn the word ‘moderation’. Jilly?

JG – (rummaging in the minibar) Have you got anything else to drink? I’m dry.

KD – Don’t touch me Gin – it was a pressie! But anyway, back to Winter City. This to me is what Xanthe does best. A beautiful backing track and well observed lyrics. This one reminds me of “Not So Manic Now” by Dubstar. Not musically, but there is sadness in both those tracks that make you sit back and listen.

JG – Ooo! Amaretto!

KD – Oi! That’s my, oh why do I bother?

Husky Voice Over Guy – You can download the music of Xanthe at www.mp3unsigned.com and www.soundclick.com/xanthe

KD – We’re left with Slippy T now and a track I’ve had on my hard drive for a few months now, but was too tied up with other things to listen properly.

JG – Oh I like this. I like talky records. Makes you think about the track more.

KD - Do you think so? I never thought of it like that before. This works really well, the two elements really gel together.

JG – Hic!

KD – This actually reminds me of something I had to do at art school…

JG – What? Talk over a music track?

KD – NO! We had to look at things in a strange way. Like if we had three legs, what would our middle foot look like? That sort of thing.

JG – But we only have two legs?

KD – Some would say you have none in your current state!

JG – Hic! Eh?

KD – This is an electronically scored crash course in lateral thinking…

JG – What if I drank all your Gin?

JG – What if I mix us a Martini?

JG – What if I use the little girl’s room. I feel ill…

KD – What if we call it a night?

Husky Voice Over Guy – You can download the music of Slippy T from www.mp3unsigned.com and www.soundclick.com/slippyt and most good music sites.
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