Dave & Jilly Discuss Peeps & Co and The Dead Company.

Strangely not cancelled after the fighting in recent shows, Kitsch Dave and jobbing wine critic Jilly Goolden return once more to review more of your tracks.

Kitsch Dave – Hello and welcome back! Joining Jilly and my self in the front room this week are non other than scouce minxes… err minxi… erm, those scouse <<cough>> singers ATOMIC KITTEN!

Atomic Kitten - (in unison) Hiya! Hiya Dave! Hiya Jilly!

Jilly Goolden – Hello you lot. Who are you and what do you do?

AK – (in unison) We’re Atomic Kitten and we sing and dance.

KD – They’re the new pop sensations. How’s the new album coming along girls?

AK – (to each other) What’s an album? Does he mean a CD? I don’t know, yous ask him. I’m not asking, I’ll look thick…

JG – (to no-one in particular) ThickER you mean…

KD – Yes girls, sorry I forgot you’ve never seen an LP before. How’s your new CD coming along? Any new tracks to tell us about?

AK #1 (they all look the same to me, and I forgot to ask their names – not that I was interested anyhow…) Yeah, we’ve been doing a new version of Temple Of Love. It’s really greace like.

JG – What? The old Sisters track???

AK #2 – We’ve made it more pop tho, like. That other version was so gloomy.

AK #3 – Ours is greace now. What do yous think?

AK #1 & #2 – Its greace!

KD – Back to OUR music now. On the radiogram this week are Peeps & Co with a track called Slow Burn and The Dead Company with Cold Dark Water. Let’s listen to Peeps & Co first…

JG – Ooo. Arh yes, your period of flying solo. I knew that wouldn’t last. I do like this one though! Is Peeps the one who got us our second series?

KD – Yes indeed, the very same. It was her heartfelt plea that got us back together… This is a track with Ffabbia from The Delivery System. The second version features Slippy T on vocal duties.

AK - <<look confused>>

KD - <<hands out bottled refreshments>> Have a complimentary drink girls, Jilly.

Jilly – Ooo. Watermelon Breezer! Why?

KD – The producers didn’t like the fighting when you were sober. It’s also a joke about a song in my back catalogue?

AK – (in unison) Ta mucker! Did you do a song called bacardi?

KD – <<shaking head>> This is the version with Slippy on vocals.

AK #1 – This is weird.

KD – What? The music.

AK #2 – No. Coming here, sitting in your front room talking about music and drinking.

JG – It’s a music review show!

AK #3 – Yer mean we have to have an opinion like?

KD – That would come in handy, darling.

AK - <<look confused>>

JG – This is a good track. The vocals have a very distant feel to them, the double tracking is used to great effect. It reminds me of someone though. Can’t put me finger on it though…

AK - <<look confused>>

JG – Gary Clail!

KD – Of course! That rap in Human Nature! It’s also got a kinda Karmacoma vibe going on…

JG – Not so much in the music though. Just with the rap. It’s quite nervous.

KD - Fragile almost. The strings that Ffabbia added work really well.

AK - <<look confused>>

KD – Shall we move on to The Dead Company?

AK – (in unison) The Dead Company!? Arh go-ay. Yer pullin' me leg!

KD – No, This is The Dead Company. It’s the first thing I’ve heard by them. This is bizarre!

JG – I know! Practically ambient.

AK – (in unison) Arh go-ah! This is a joke? This isn’t music!

KD – Why ever not?

AK #1 – You can’t dance to this! How could we do our dancing on stage if we made this?

JG – There’s more to music than catchy rhythms and dance routines.

AK - <<look confused>> But yer can’t dance to this…

KD – <<ignoring the Kittens>> This one has me thinking about Japan and David Sylvian,

AK #2 – We’re really big in Japan! They love us there!

JG – Wrong Japan. I’m also getting Brian Eno. But more David Sylvian. The instrumental part of Gone To Earth, or his stuff with Holger Czukay.

AK – (in unison – they do this a lot!) Japan’s a country! We’re really big over there! Did we tell you that?

KD – Quite. I can see that as well. I was thinking about what they started with Ghosts, that minimal electronic stuff that they continued with Rain Tree Crow…

AK #2 – Ha ha ha. I get it now. The Dead Company! Ghosts! That’s funny!

AK #3 – Aye yous! It was my turn to talk.

KD – Christ on a bike! How are we expected to review serious music with you lot here?

JG – I know what you mean. Pub?

KD – Too right. What about these three?

JG – Leave ‘em here. They’re too thick to realise we’ve gone…

Fade to black. Roll end Credits

Voice Over Guy – Come back next week when Dave and Jilly will attempt to review more of your music. Oi! Get us a pint o’best while your goin’…